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July 21, 2013

Recipe Biskut Tart


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150gm Butter    ( I use 250gm  Butter  and omit the margarine)
100gm Margarine
1 table spoon GHEE ( I add in )
290gm Plain Powder
60gm Icing Sugar
2 nos Egg Yolk
1 tsp Vanilla Esen
40gm Corn flour
50gm Custard Powder
20gm Milk Powder

Filling: Pineapple Paste
Glazing:  1 egg yolk + few drop yellow coloring

1. Beat well the butter,ghee, icing sugar egg yolk and vanilla esen but not too long
2. Add in sifted corn flour, custard powder, milk powder and plain flour one by one
3. Mix to form a fine dough
4. Use master mould to shape the dough
5. Place pineapple paste and roll the dough. Lastly brush the tart with egg yolk glazing
6. Bake at 175'c at 20 minutes or till turn to golden brown.

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